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Since its foundation, the Firm has been showing a regular and sustained growth, providing high quality legal services.


in a broad range of cases and areas of expertise


With the globalization of business and the increasingly competitive environment, it is essential that companies have agile, efficient and reliable legal guidance, able to understand the client´s business as a whole, and not only focused on a single point or area. For that, Matucci Advogados believes that professional counseling shall not be limited to a mere legal analysis of the situations faced, being essential the understanding of the larger context and the potential reflexes in the other areas.

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Empresas conseguem liberar dinheiro e depósitos judiciais

Judiciário autoriza substituição por seguro, fiança bancária ou bens...

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Liminar prorroga validade de certidão fiscal

Decisão é da 19ª Vara Cível Federal de São Paulo e beneficia a Cargill Agrícola...

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Tribunal suspende pagamentos de contrato particular

Para TJ-SP, pandemia equivale a guerra e pode gerar postergação de pagamentos...

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